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Can I drink the tap water?2018-03-26T16:16:59+00:00

No, you should not drink water directly from the tap. We provide complementary bottled water in the rooms.

Can I pay with Credit Card at the hotel?2018-03-26T16:00:58+00:00

Yes, we take Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

You can also pay online here

You also have the option to pay with cash (usd, eur, gbp, uganda shillings)


Do I need an electrical adapter?2018-03-26T16:27:36+00:00

Yes. If you forget your adapter we can borrow you one from the reception during your stay at the hotel.

Do you allow smoking in the room?2018-03-26T16:24:59+00:00

No, all rooms are smoke free but we provide ashtrays on the terrasses.

Do you have a gym?2018-03-26T16:26:06+00:00

No, but there are gyms nearby (a few minutes from the hotel).

Do you have a spa?2022-02-05T14:23:36+00:00

No, but its possible to get massage just across the street.

Do you offer extra beds?2018-03-24T15:07:30+00:00

Yes, when you book a double bed / twin bed room we offer an extra bed at 30 USD / night.

Does the hotel have wheelchair access?2018-03-26T16:09:17+00:00

Yes, there are 2 rooms that have easy access for wheelchairs.

How do I get a Visa for Uganda?2022-02-05T14:25:38+00:00

Visa have to be applied for online prior to arrival.
The online application can be found at:


Is the hotel located in a quiet environment?2018-03-26T16:14:19+00:00

Yes, its located at the lake away from the main highway.

Even if we are just 10 minutes from the airport there is no airport noise here.


Is there mosquito net in all rooms?2018-03-26T16:06:41+00:00

Yes, all our rooms are equipped with mosquito nets.

Is there TV in all rooms?2018-03-26T16:06:27+00:00

Yes, there are flat screen TV in all rooms.

What are the check-in and check-out times?2018-03-26T16:12:24+00:00

Check-in times starts from 1pm.

Check-out times, latest 11am.

You have the option to book a late check-out or day-use room. Check our price list here

What are the opening hours for the restaurant?2022-02-06T10:27:38+00:00

Breakfast from 7.00am to 10.00am.

The restaurant is open from 10.00am to 9.00pm.

Where can I exchange money?2018-03-26T16:15:40+00:00

Victoria Mall is just 5 minutes walk from our hotel, where you can exchange money.

Who is behind all the great art around the hotel?2018-03-24T15:11:58+00:00

Most of the art you see on the walls is made by our dear sister Elinros Dianadottir.

You can find her art online on her website

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